Because We Have To

Lida Una was started over 10 years ago when lifelong friends Carter Nieters and Ron Askew started writing and recording music.  The band has seen several changes with bassist Steve Ambrosius and lead guitarist Brian Ebert filling out its ranks.

The band prides itself on its ability to write music that inspires thoughts and feelings.  All compositions are co-written and jammed out by the entire band until something clicks. Once it clicks for them, they are pretty sure it will click for you. 

Lida Una has been touched by the muse of creativity.  They continue to create music because they can't help themselves.  Live performances, which only occur a handful of times per year, is their opportunity to share those creations.

Lida Una has played every major venue across St. Louis.  They have begun to limit the number of shows they play makiing each one a special event.  The Lida Una motto is "we're going to have a blast on stage, come join us and have one as well.  Joy is infectious".