Lida Una's Story

Six albums in, Lida Una is still not close to running out of original material.  The prolific band is writing new songs faster than they can record and publish them.  This is what makes Lida Una's live performance so enticing.  Each concert is unique based on the mood of the band, the vibe of the audience and the dynamics of the venue.   As Steve Ambrosius said  in a KDHX interview, “every member of the band has a very diverse listening style…so we never know what influences is going to come in when we are tinkering with a song…”  

Founding members Ron Askew, drums, and Carter Nieters, vocals and guitar, have been together for over 15 years, bringing consistency and purpose to Lida Una.   Making music isn’t a choice, it’s what they have to do.  Lida Una is just lucky enough to do it as a band that understands each other, feeds off of each other’s energy, and are open to wherever the muse takes them.

“The Big Hurry”, “Buoy”, “Contraption”, "In The Weeds", "Five" and "The Great Under-Estimator" are now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, CDBaby, and iTunes